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Now available  on YouTube and other streaming services 

projects and development 

My invitation is out there!


2- Donate and help me grow and release more music :

A closed community that allows all who sign up to support me. Within this community, you will have the ability to access exclusive content such as behind the scenes, early access and releases, work in progress updates, and more. All this will not be available for normal subscribers, so if you're interested in a deeper look into what I do as an artist or in a more direct and involving role in my music career, feel free to check this page here.  

an initiation

A special invitation 

Guys, your support means a lot to me. I would like to expand and connect with you all through my music, So to get started  i need your help. Make sure that we spread the word about my work as a VISION-IMPAIRED  artist/songwriter. I'm really looking for forward for the big change but, Without you the change won't come. So make sure that follow me everywhere especially on PATREON  so that  we can make this dream become a reality, what are you waiting for? let's inspire and get inspired because music can fix what words alone cannot. 

Can't wait to know and work with you all 


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