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WHO IS Orca? 

my dream 

A visually-impaired artist/songwriter from Jerusalem, Israel, I suffer from retinal detachment + Coloboma  I  only see with one eye with less than 20%, yet this wont stop me from doing what I love which is to create music and spread my music, My  philosophy, my dreams and my goals across the globe  so I hope that you can support me in my journey

thank you.

 To spread my music and be able to awaken love and romance in the hearts of those who listen to my music to help them achieve their romantic goals and wishes I also would love to guide my listeners towards their happy place  because music is a powerful thing if used correctly, it can create miracles for those who listen to it which  relates to my philosophy when it comes to music

My Philosophy:  

Music is the power that can be tapped into at  any time. THE CATCH is you need to know how to awaken it. It affects the mood and emotions  depending on what kind of music you're listening to. It is also a language that can be shared and understood once you learn how to speak it like the process of setting a ringtone, you can tell those around you about   the state of your emotions through that simple ringtone. But most importantly, it can fix what words alone cannot. It can fit into any situation, and that is why we cannot get enough of it. It can fix our emotions whether we feel heartbroken, betrayed, Depressed, or any other emotion. A listen can fix us up and change what's inside us. That is why I consider this to be my belief as an artist and as a  songwriter.

My Goal 

My goal is to create a movement where every member can listen to music with pride joy excitement and fulfillment and call this movement the home they belong to, members can also  spread the immeasurable value of music, take care of each other. talk all that is music. Enjoy listening to it and most importantly they can interact with me by asking whatever question they want think of it as  a musical universe if you may. but this cannot be done unless you believe in me and in what i offer as an artist, so I hope that this goal can become a reality, and i cannot wait to see you inside 


All of us have special persons whom we are prepared to go all out for.  Mines are my wife and my children.  My biggest hope is to be able to support them with what I love the most, my music, and do the same for my fans to be able to change their lives and their perspective about music. So that is why I'll keep on pushing for you all and keep on creating music that we all can enjoy, so I'm looking forward to the opportunity of knowing and connecting with you, so make sure to follow me everywhere so that you don't miss out on anything i create.


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